Call for Candidates for Three Directors

Deadline: 10 November 2021

A call for candidates for three Director positions is hereby launched for the 2021 elections, which will take place during the Extraordinary, 3rd General Assembly of the EOSC Association as an online event on 10 December 2021.

At the beginning of the General Assembly, notably before the 2021 elections, Provisional Members will be admitted and get the status of full Member. Thus, also Delegates from Provisional Members can apply for a position as Director.

Vacancies 2021 elections

Three (3) Directors will be elected during the 2021 elections, each with a term of 3 years.

For the good order, we recall article 3.4 of the Statutes which states that for the election of Directors of the Board a ‘double majority’ is required with both:

  • Two thirds (2⁄3) majority of votes of Members present or represented, and;
  • Two thirds (2⁄3) majority of votes of Mandated Organisations present or represented.

Announcing Candidacy

All candidates for the 2021 elections are invited to submit the following three (3) parts of the required documentation to by no later than 23:59 local Brussels time on 10 November 2021:

  1. A curriculum vitae (max two A4 pages);
  2. A motivation letter from the candidate (max two A4 pages);
  3. A letter from a suitable authority of the Member organisation of the candidate stating their support for the individual’s candidacy (max two A4 pages).

Function Profile of a Director

The General Assembly elects the Directors, who are appointed in their individual capacity, from amongst the Delegates of the General Assembly.


The Directors act as a collective within the Board to:

  • support and promote our Association’s mission, aims and values as encompassed by EOSC Statutes and the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA);
  • steer the activities of the Association in accordance with the strategy;
  • adopt positions on behalf of the Association and issue mandates for its representation taking the Members’ and Observers’ views into account;
  • propose new Members and Observers to the General Assembly;
  • if necessary, suspend a Member and Observer;
  • seek nominations for elections and appointments when appropriate;
  • appoint and dismiss the Secretary General;
  • submit the fees, the budget, the accounts and the annual report to the General Assembly;
  • enforce the Bylaws and corresponding annexes and secure that they are followed;
  • attend meetings of the Board;
  • propose operational bodies to the General Assembly;
  • establish and maintain a risk register, including mitigation activities.


A Director should be in a leadership and/or executive position of a Member for the duration of the term of office as Director.


A Director will:

  • support and promote our mission, aims and values;
  • demonstrate commitment to our strategic objectives;
  • act as an advocate for open science;
  • demonstrate commitment to diversity and inclusiveness;
  • attend meetings of the Board and General Assembly;
  • be able to listen, analyse, think and act strategically;
  • be proactive in stakeholder engagement and in representing the views of the EOSC Association.


The following characteristics add to the profile of a Director:

  • knowledge of and professional networks in European research, innovation and higher education and in open science;
  • knowledge of and experience of the goals, activities and functioning of our Association;
  • willingness to act as a liaison or contact point for an operational body or advisory body of our Association;
  • scientific background.


Questions can be directed to the EOSC Association President and Secretary General using the email who will reply as soon as possible.

Timeline and Deadlines

  • 27.10.2021 - Launch of Call for Candidates
  • 10.11.2021, 23:59 - Deadline for submission of application to
  • Eligibility check by President and Secretary General
  • 19.11.2021 - Publication of candidacies as part of the documentation for Extraordinary, 3rd General Assembly Meeting (GA#3)
  • 10.12.2021 - Election of three Directors during GA#3