The Secretariat advises and supports the General Assembly and the Board and coordinates the implementation of their decisions. The Secretary General is entrusted with the day-to-day management of the Association, leads the Secretariat and serves as secretary to the General Assembly and the Board. The Secretary General discharges duties in accordance with the Statutes and the Bylaws. The Secretary General and the other staff of the Secretariat are compensated for their activities. The Secretariat has the power to:

  • Conduct day-to-day management, including the right to perform all administrative acts and other necessary arrangements including legal proceedings;
  • Manage and administer the finances of the Association;
  • Implement the decisions of the General Assembly under the direction of the Board.

Daily management includes both acts and decisions which do not exceed the needs of the Association's daily life or those which, either because of the minor interest they represent or because of their urgent nature, do not justify the intervention of the Board.