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EOSC Steering Board representatives

Juha Haataja, Ministry of Education and Culture
Anu Nuutinen, Academy of Finland

Open Science is an integral part of the Finnish research community. Through extensive preparations The Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee has published the “Strategy for National Research Infrastructures in Finland 2020–2030”. It is aimed particularly at promoting the development of national nodes for national and international research infrastructures. The community has jointly created a Declaration for Open Science and Research to boost common direction for the development of the research community. Significant amount of Finnish researchers and organisations already participate in development of the EOSC through various Research Infrastructures, EOSC projects or are engaged in EOSC via coordinated national activities.

EOSC Finnish Forum (EOSC-FF):

EOSC-FF was established by  the Ministry of Education and Culture, Academy of Finland, Federation of Finnish Learned Societies and CSC – IT Center for Science in 2021 as a branch of the EOSC National Open Science Coordination. The EOSC-FF is the EOSC national structure aiming to ensure all national stakeholders in Finland are informed and engaged in the EOSC development. The forum is open to all the different types of stakeholders including the private sector.

Contact the EOSC-FF Office:

4 October 2022 | Tripartite Event:


Policies of open science and research in Finland outline in detail the strategic principles, objectives and action plans necessary to achieve the objectives set out in the Declaration for Open Science and Research. The policies cover for main areas: culture for open scholarship, open access to scholarly publications, open access of research data and methods, and open education and open access to educational resources.

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