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Governmental Agency for IT Development (Kormányzati Informatikai Fejlesztési Ügynökség, KIFÜ)

EOSC Steering Board representatives

Ágota Dávid, National Research, Development and Innovation Office
Balázs Kápli, National Research, Development and Innovation Office
István Szabó, National Research, Development and Innovation Office, vice-president of NRDIO

Hungary has on its way to develop a full Open Science strategy. On the policy level, there have been important improvements recently (for example, the Position Paper initiated by the NRDI Office resulting from meetings with stakeholders in the Open Science Forum), and there exists a network of repositories, high speed telecommunication networks, AAI infrastructure and available information about Open Science, that can enable the country to advance in this field. Through the participation of the national structure KIFÜ in NI4OS EOSC-Future and furthermore in the EOSC Association, Hungary is becoming more engaged in the European Open Science developments, which will contribute to its implementation in the country.

National Structure: Open Science Forum

The Open Science Forum, created in May 2021, was established as Hungary’s national structure. The Forum intends to complement the ongoing “top level” efforts to develop an Open Science Strategy in Hungary. Its main objective is to enable the research community access through EOSC to resources that otherwise would not be available. This would also benefit service providers, who would be able to offer services to a wider user community. For this, the national initiative is preparing all national stakeholders for their participation in the EOSC ecosystem by increasing awareness about EOSC and by involving local stakeholders in EOSC-related activities. The Hungarian OpenAIRE NOAD, operated at University of Debrecen, is also actively contributing in Open Science Forum to develop the Open Science culture in Hungary.  Contact email:

Mandated Organisation: KIFÜ

KIFÜ (contact email: provides modern, stable and secure ICT services for the Hungarian public education, vocational education and training and higher education institutions, research and development institutes and public collections, and governmental and state owned organizations to support research, digital education and digitization. These services developed and maintained by KIFÜ can be employed by some 2.5 million users from more than 6.400 institutions. KIFÜ manages the high speed telecommunication infrastructure, HBONE+ , as well as the Hungarian supercomputing capacity and competence center.

National events

23 March 2023 | National Tripartite Event


Post-event report


Presentations during the event:

Istvan Szabo - NRDIO

Pantelis Tziveloglou - European Commission

Volker Beckmann - EOSC Steering Board

Janos Mohacsi - KIFÜ

Ute Gunsenheimer - EOSC Association

28-29 September 2022 | International Conference

The NI4OS-Europe project held an international conference on 28-29 September 2022 in Budapest. The conference highlighted the results of the NI4OS-Europe project and how the project had helped the region in the framework of EOSC, and also commemorated the 20th anniversary of the Budapest Open Access Initiative and celebrated the 20th anniversary of regional infrastructure cooperation in South-East Europe.


Despite the latest advances, a national policy on Open Science is still under development in Hungary. The process to achieve this has however been started under the leadership of KIFÜ and the University of Debrecen, first through a series of online events to introduce and discuss Open Science with other stakeholders in the country, and then through three rounds of the Hungarian Open Science Forum held in 2021. As a result of this, a National Position Paper on Open Science  was published in October 2021. Besides the National Research, Development and Innovation Office (NRDI Office) as initiator, the paper is supported by other relevant organisations in Hungary’s research landscape (e.g. Association of Hungarian PhD and DLA Candidates, Association of University Libraries’ Directors, Eötvös Loránd Research Network, Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Governmental Agency for IT Development (KIFÜ), Hungarian Accreditation Committee, Hungarian Rectors’ Conference, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungarian Doctoral Council, National Scientific Student’s Council). Interested organisations are still invited to join the call (

Best practices

The Open Science Forum, involving most of relevant stakeholders in Hungary meet regularly - usually 3  times a year (the last one in January 2023).

In the second half of 2022, KIFÜ developed a thematic series of 8 lectures, which presents issues related to open science, from the management of research data through open access to research evaluation. In cooperation with eight higher education institutions and research institute, in the fall semester of 2022/23 34 workshops took place in which more than 370 people participated. Building on these results KIFÜ is continuing its activities promoting open science in the spring of 2022/23 to contribute to equip Hungarian researchers with open science knowledge.

Hungary takes part in European initiatives such as OpenAIRE, NGI, RDA, EuroHPC and GEANT.

EOSC Association Members and Observers

Governmental Agency for IT Development (Kormányzati Informatikai Fejlesztési Ügynökség)

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